Friedrich Ebert Foundation

FES Italia - 50 years

Category: Branding, Video, Motion Graphic, Events

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Italy has been promoting the Italian-German dialogue since 1973. For its 50 years in Italy, FES organized a celebratory event by entrusting us with the design of all the communication tools (event logo, invitation, video, installations).
Through information and analysis activities, networking and interaction, debate and comparison, the Foundation facilitates the understanding of respective positions on all areas of civil society with the aim of developing common ones in central political sectors in a European perspective.
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Geometric elements, solid colours, a contemporary tone, as the function carried out by the Foundation: always current.
The visual identity is dynamic and contemporary across all declinations: videos, infographics, paper and digital invitations, event set-up elements.
FES carries out information, networking and debate activities to facilitate understanding of all parties in the political and social spheres. This central and authoritative role was the starting point for the development of creativity.

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