Fratelli Branca Distillerie

170 years are worth a toast

Category: Editorial

Fratelli Branca, born in Italy in 1845 and known today all over the world, is a historic Italian brand, which has decided to celebrate 170 years of activity with a publication published by Rizzoli in three languages: Italian, Spanish and English.
We took care of the publication design creating illustrations and infographics and rationalizing the large amount of content, both visual and written. The project has been realised in collaboration with Ergo Sum
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Written testimonies, archive photos, iconic advertising campaigns, labels. That of Fratelli Branca is not only the history of a successful Italian Company, but the storytelling of a journey through two centuries of changes, innovations and discoveries.
We have also added a small recipe book, developed and printed separately, with the most famous cocktails prepared worldwide with Branca liqueurs.

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