A journey into a new visual identity

Category: Branding, Strategy, Corporate identity, Digital, Motion Graphic, Video, Events, Illustration

ATR is the world's leading regional aircraft manufacturer. It has been making a significant impact for over 40 years by connecting people and businesses in a responsible and modern way.
ATR requested a new visual identity that should clearly represent the brand core values (Sustainability, Safety, Innovation and Technology), strengthen the association between the Company and the turboprop engine, and also distinctively establish the brand as trustworthy, modern, safe, and responsible.
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Our approach has focused on developing a dynamic visual identity that feature a contemporary color palette, a distinctive type font and a versatile graphic system.
We have chosen to use a cool tones’ color palette, which conveys the concept of technology and sustainability more effectively.
The new visual identity has been effectively applied on corporate videos, print and digital assets with photographic or graphic treatments, icon sets, merchandising and infographics.

2010 → Now