Annual Report 2017

Category: Editorial, Art direction

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For Leonardo, 2017 was a year of consolidation of both the new brand and the new path of "One Company." Leonardo remains committed to transmitting at every level the idea of a unique and solid company, strongly focused on its core businesses.
The two volumes, Annual Financial Report and Sustainability and Innovation Report, are of fundamental importance for the company which, in addition to presenting the financial performance of the past year, needs to communicate the importance of the commitment in sustainability
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Linked by a common image that expresses the idea of solidity in a concise but immediate way, the two volumes present an iconographic treatment, accompanied by infographics that well explain the company's strategy.
We also managed the design, development and data entry of the two Interactive Annuals, with particular attention to animated infographics and tools to allow the user immediate access to topics of interest.

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