Thirty years of stories.


Sting was born in 1985 and it’s the most recent brand of the De Rigo Group, designed to meet a younger market and to be on-trend. All the models that followed in these first 30 years of history redefined the way we enjoy and wear both eye and sunglasses. Sting is now recognized as a market leader in the young-fashion sector. The monograph is here to celebrate its 30th anniversary through the images, the stories and the faces the behind the brand. 

The project has been realized in collaboration with Ergo Sum Agency.


Sting glasses are true cult objects that tell the story of an era. Through the prominent figures of the last 30 years or the covers of fashion magazines or mingling with the real history, the one with the capital “h”. Redefining the way we look at the world around.


The “IntereSting” monograph was designed to tell a story from different point of views. The rich archive footage in the book builds a narrative flow about the business, the production, the distribution and all the people behind the brand that made the Sting style just unique. The reader can immerse himself in the historical context of this family-run business’ story. The monograph also features a special issue of Diabolik that celebrates Sting’s 30th anniversary.