Luci Ombre

A brand inspired by Light

Category: Naming, Strategy, Branding, Art direction, Digital

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Since 2013, Luci Ombre is a team of lighting designers, technicians, architects who make light their source of inspiration. A company that is the spokesperson of the culture of light, and that needed a brand that expressed all its potential.
We started with a repositioning strategy to create a strong, distinctive and versatile brand. From the logo to the font, to the digital and advertising campaigns: everything expresses the values of Luci Ombre in a coherent way, with a minimalist and impactful approach.
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Light and Shadow, together. With a sign representing the letters L and O, it contains and synthesizes them. But which also represents the natural origin of the two elements, their succession and coexistence. We see all this in a logo with a strong, expressive, timeless personality.
"Inspired by light" is the new positioning of the brand. It means communicating by focusing on light and the natural presence of people in the environment.
LO Spazio is a multifunctional place where to design, illuminate with events, workshops and show cooking.
A pole of attraction, focus of a shooting that show all its possibilities.
Thanks to a digital strategy, the brand also lives dynamically on social pages and website, with constantly updated contents that show online and offline activities.
The palette embraces the entire color spectrum. Just like light does. With a clear and spontaneous tone of voice, involving feelings, leading to the discovery of new potentials and visions.

2010 → Now