Le Gemme

Narrating a place to live

Category: Branding, Digital, Naming

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For Coldwell Banker Commercial we have created the naming and visual identity of a new housing structure. Two buildings in a renewed urban context, surrounded by nature.
For the creation of the name we let ourselves be inspired by the shapes and the concept that guided the design of the buildings. Sustainability, nature, a welcoming and precious environment. This also guided us in the creation of the logo, which took up the structural forms of the project, and then in the development of the whole visual identity.
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Telling spaces under construction, projects in the making. An engaging challenge, but also a way to help prospective customers to make them feel already at home.
The gem is the natural form from which grow flowers and leaves. But it is also a precious stone, which recalls the shape of the two buildings set in a new urban context.

2010 → Now