Heinz Beck

All the senses of design

Category: Packaging, Branding

In 2015, Heinz Beck arrives in Tokyo with Heinz Beck and Sensi by Heinz Beck, a new shared gastronomic space where you can taste his creations. We have created the brand identity.
The two restaurants offer an exclusive experience, strongly focused on the inspiration and recognizability of the German chef. Taste and refinement are the values that best represent the two restaurants, the same ones that we have decided to convey through visual identity and communication tools.
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The two logos, elegant and essential, represent the two different restaurants and both bear the name of Heinz Beck as a seal of quality. We have chosen typography, colors and packaging to communicate the refined atmosphere of the two locations, as well as the preciousness of the gastronomic offer.
We have inserted a small 5, referring to the senses, that is integrated in the typography.
The color palette is diversified, according to the products positioning.
The color code also allowed us to define a precise visual identity for Taste of Italy, a range of high quality products selected by the award winning chef for the United Arab Emirates market.

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