Annual Report 2018. They call it Leonardo. We call it Us.

Category: Editorial, Art direction

The Annual Financial Report and Sustainability Report of the Company narrated through a strong concept involving Leonardo's employers, their stories and experiences.
We have realized a shooting involving real employers, because they represent at best the Company’s values. We have listened their stories and we have narrated them through a concept that expresses the strength that the Company wanted for this important asset dedicated to its shareholders and stakeholders.
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We showed their way of being an unique entity, that other call it “Leonardo”, but that they call it “Us”.
More than 46,000 employees worldwide, but with the same DNA. The one composed of the values of the Company, a narrative that runs throughout the publication.
Everything is balanced, consistent, solid. The graphic and conceptual elements of the cover and the editorial story are also present in the interiors and in the infographics.

2010 → Now