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Data Visualization

Category Illustration - Digital

Infographics ad data visualizations are the perfect tool to show data and numbers clearly and directly. For Leonardo we have made different types of infographics, depending on the use and needs.
It is essential for Leonardo to express complex contents, such as its products or services, in a simple way. The infographics we have created are perfect for that. Static, dynamic, with original illustration, interactive: each project has a different approach optimized according to its purpose and content.
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We have created a kit of icons to represent products and services in an immediate and concise way. An universal language, for everyone.
In their dynamic version, the infographics add an extra boost, visually and conceptually.
When the contents are very complex we can visualize them with icons, schemes and color codes: as a factsheet. So we make them even more interesting, usable, memorable.

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