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Mani in pasta

Brand Identity

Mani in Pasta is a small but intriguing reality from Puglia that, through cooking classes and home chef services, aims to spread the gastronomic culture of the region starting from the basics: hand made pasta. For Mani in Pasta, we are creating the Brand Identity, starting with a logo that recalls the shape of spaghetti and, with its repeated "m", conveys a concept of satisfaction and deliciousness.

Stampa Estera


For Stampa Estera Italia we are creating new communication assets that can best convey such innovative approach to information.

Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù - Centro Sviluppo Farmaci


For the Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù - Centro Sviluppo Farmaci, an organization that promotes innovation in clinical research, we have created the website, currently in the programming phase. We have paid particular attention to the User Experience, enhancing it through flows, structures and visual elements. Color blocks, illustrated elements and a set of custom-made icons express a contemporary and dynamic character.

100 glimpses of Veneto


In collaboration with Ergo Sum we have designed the book "100 glimpses of Veneto". An editorial project that involved us from the beginning, from the creation of the concept, to the illustrations, up to the production phase, managed with Tipoteca Italiana, the most important Museum of Printing and Typographic Design in Italy.