Starry Skies over the Dolomites


“Starry skies over the Dolomites” is born to celebrate the Observatory Col Drusciè’s 40th anniversary and to promote, as Reinhold Messner and many more have called them, the most beautiful mountains in the world.
Humus Design and Ergo Sum Agency worked in very close contact with La Cooperativa di Cortina, designing the publication to be accessibile by both newbies and astronomy fans.


The large amount of photos supplied by Cortina Stelle has led Humus Design to create a flexible design. The book in fact is structured to be enjoyed in several ways: an easy-to-read photo collection or a complete and elaborate astronomical compendium.


Humus Design mainly worked on iconography, reprocessing contents and giving more space to the photos. Datas have been turned into infographics to be clear and readable also by the ones who approach astronomy for the first time.