Energy with a capital O.


NEWO is an italian company that wants to change the waste disposal processes by developing innovative technologies both in the recycling and the energy sectors. NEWO represents the “brave new world”: new solutions, new ideas and a new way of thinking about energy to really preserve our environment. Humus Design has been chosen to support the company in the development and design of its new brand identity.


First of all, we pinpointed the added values that distinguish NEWO from its competitors and give strength to its proposal. As regards the verbal aspect, we identified a list of key words able to represent the company on a practical and conceptual level.
Later, we deepened our research focusing on imagery, to design different solutions to share and discuss.


The chosen naming represents the spirit of renewal which drives the company and so does the logo: a sign that talks about technology, energy and protection. The new brand identity has been applied to all the communication tools, from the corporate brochure to the product ones, as well as inside the company building.