When dreams change the rules.


Libraccio is a bookstore chain born 35 years ago promoting the exchange of books and spreading literary culture at affordable prices. The first bookstore opened in Milan, as a reply to the high cost of scholastic books.  Nowadays there are 27 different stores in Italy where it’s possible to buy books, music, movies and comics. Humus Design worked together with Ergo Sum Agency on the book that celebrates Libraccio’s anniversary.


We wanted to make a distinction between Libraccio’s history and the stories linked to it. Storytelling has been enriched with the words and the memories of the people who got in contact with Libraccio and contributed to make it so important.


First of all, we split the contents creating two stories. One is more biographic and related to Libraccio’s lifetime. The other one is more dynamic and includes lots of interviews and events promoted by the brand during the last 35 years. In addition to infographics and illustrations, we took care of materials and binding solutions. The spine made of green canvas and the cutout cardboard on the cover make the book even more precious and collectable.