Humus book.
A fertile ground for ideas to grow


To communicate the birth of our studio, we delegated the work to ourselves. We thought that the best way to introduce Humus Design to clients, suppliers and friends was to explain the meaning of our name. Humus is a natural compost extracted from a forest or other spontaneous source which allows the topsoil fertilization and the growth of plants. What’s this got to do with design?


Just like the natural humus, we support the growth and the development of ideas, inside and outside the studio. That’s the reason why we designed an essential and necessary instrument capable to maintain that natural spirit the name “Humus” inspires.


Both a journal and a book, it can be filled with notes, ideas and thoughts. Right inside there are shots by Stefano Compagnucci representing different kind of leaves, from a particular point of view. Images are blown up to appear like satellite photos of big cities. All of this has been realized using special papers and printing processes, which give to the whole project a very natural feeling.