Fondazione Felice Chirò


Felice Chirò Foundation has been established in 2013 to the memory of Dr Felice Chirò, 10 years after the creation of the library of the same name which is an historical and cultural heritage for the surrounding areas. Its mission is to foster the socioeconomic development through public benefit activities with educational purposes. The Foundation works in the scientific, artistic and cultural fields, collaborating with other public and private organizations.


The objective was to clearly communicate the Foundation’s purpose, highlighting the archival activities. Humus Design worked on the weak points of the previous communication, redesigning the whole brand identity and bettering the features and usability of the digital tools.


The new logo is the expression of the Foundation’s objectives. All the printed materials have been designed according to an understandable but refined aesthetic. Regarding the website, Humus Design focused on usability, fluidity and neatness.