Annual Report 2012. New shapes for high technology


Finmeccanica is the main company in Italy in the high technology field and one of the more important holding all over the world in the defense, telecommunications, transport, energy, space and aeronautics sectors. A company born about 50 years ago which has been able to rapidly stand out thanks to its international approach. A great brand and a great challenge for us. Humus Design has always succeeded, since the designing of the corporate identity. Even now, we develop the majority of the communication tools, both printed and digital.


For the 2012 Annual Report, Finmeccanica and Humus Design agreed in having a less conservative approach. More dynamic, fresh in some way, also using the alternative media. We gave to our designers the freedom of experimenting without forgetting the main purpose of an annual report.


The use of geometry and colors is something never seen before on a Finmeccanica annual report. Illustrations go beyond aesthetics, reinterpreting the areas Finmeccanica operates in.
In addition, Humus Design has designed the mobile version of the annual report for the first time, going also beyond paper.