Building a new identity.


Proger Group is a large multinational company which operates in the Engineering Management field. Thanks to the opening of several foreign headquarters and to the many projects all around the world, the companies of the Group have constantly gained an increasing success. This growth gave rise to a change which involved Humus Design, selected to renew their communication tools starting from the brand architecture to their brand identity, including their website and a series of printed publications.



Proger Group felt the urgency to renovate its communication tools in order to reach the same level of the greatest companies working in the Engineering field. A strong, recognizable and clear sign, capable to express the values of the consortium. After this, we structured a consistent brand identity, leading its distinctive traits on the company profile, the corporate portfolio and the digital tools.


The final result is an Italian brand able to speak the language of the global market. The logo expresses stability but also creativity and innovation. All the communication tools have a dynamic design and the colors are thought to create a new slant which distance the classic chromatic standard linked to this field. Also the website is completely renewed, with a more easy-to-navigate interface, responsive and bilingual.