Donne Illuminate


Donne illuminate is the result of the creativity and talent of Rezzonica Castelbarco and Cristina Magliano. Their objective is simple: to design luminous objects in balance between art and design, borrowing from painting, sculpture and photography. Donne illuminate’s new collections aren’t just lamps, they are luminous sculptures shaped to tell a story.

Humus Design curated their brand identity and website, designing also all the communication tools for the 2015 Fuorisalone in Milan.


Donne illuminate is art and design with a strong feminine touch. Humus Design has kept in mind this key factor while working on the brand identity, trying to convey the personality of the two artists as well as the grace and preciousness which show through their works.


Both the brand identity and the website are elegant just like Donne illuminate’s creations, with a simple contemporary style.