De Quarto Vitivinicoltori.
Shades of Puglia.


De Quarto’s cultivated area consists in over 20 hectares of near-sea land, in a region devoted to viticulture since the Magna Gracie age. The quality of its wines brought to De Quarto’s family many awards and it’s easy to see why: in addition to care and high-level competencies, they use their own grapes since three generations.

To revamp their wines, De Quarto’s family has chosen Humus Design, which worked on every aspect of their product range, from the naming to the packaging, including a restyling of the brand logo.



The first step has been giving to each wine a precise positioning. That’s why Humus divided Cantine De Quarto’s offer into two separated product line: high range and medium range wines. Both cases, the objective was to reinforce the link to the territory through the use of new graphic elements and more inspiring denominations.


Humus started with a logo restyling: more elegant, more minimal, more clear. Then, new namings for the medium range wines, borrowed from Latin, relate elements of the territory to the wines’ peculiarities. On the other hand, illustrations are very minimal and contemporary, to get a right balance between names and graphics and to catch a younger audience. High rande wines instead has more detailed illustrations, embellished with hot foils stampings (such as gold and bronze). In this case, names are borrowed from the ancient Greek and they have been chosen to introduce short stories (printed on the back of the bottles) which tells about Puglia’s legends and mythology.