The human side of innovation.


Coesia is a Group of companies which offers industrial solutions with more than 90 years experience in the innovative technology field. A brand born in Italy, globally recognized as a leader and with numerous headquarters in the world.
In years Humus Design and Coesia collaborated in several projects and still the Group commits us for the creation of different communication tools. Among these, the new company profile.


Cosia’s company profile has always been focused on technology and innovation, its most important values since forever. This year, Humus Design made a step ahead looking for who’s behind the international success of the Group: people. The way they work and collaborate each other inside the Coesia’s network is the boost to innovation the company can rely on.


After the creation of the manifesto “The Human Side of Innovation”, Humus Design worked to tell the story of the company in a more personal way, both in images and contents. The result is a communication tool very different from the industry’s standard, almost intimate in its esecution.