Coesia Group. Employer branding tools


Coesia is a Group of companies which offers industrial solutions with more than 90 years experience in the innovative technology field. A brand born in Italy, globally recognized as a leader and with numerous headquarters in the world. In years Humus Design and Coesia collaborated in several projects and still the Group commits us the creation of different communication tools. One of the most recent is the ones created to reinforce Employer Brandind, mostly oriented to young people.


Coesia is innovative, reliable and global. These are the values we have to communicate to younger people who make the first steps into the work world. So, we decided to talk their own language, inside their own places, to make the Group stand out from its competitors.


The first instrument is the Recruiting brochure. Its strong points are a dynamic design, a digital approach and a natural language. After this, we developed print advertising pieces to promote the Coesia Engineering Master. The outdoors ads were placed inside the campus, with banners on the web promoting a educational path centered on automation technologies.