Chiomenti Law Firm.
A study for a new brand identity


Chiomenti is a law firm which has been operating on a global level for more than 50 years, with more than 270 lawyers and business consultants and headquarters in Rome, Milan, London, Bruxelles, New York, BeiJing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Chiomenti won several times the “Law Firm of the Year” price in Italy, according to the most important national and international magazines. Chiomenti chose Humus Design as a partner in order to create communicational tools capable to express the “global” side of the brand. Starting from a brand identity in step with the international market and the development of digital and mobile communication tools.


The new brand identity was planned according to the international standards, in anticipation of being applied on periodicals and advertisements. On the basis of the same guidelines, we designed a iOS app and a mobile site.


Corporate colors are now prevailing, graphics are clear and extremely congruent in each application. A minimalistic approach in order to give prominence to the contents – which are now easily readable – and the brand personality.