University like never before.


CampusX was built with the intent to revolutionize the student housing market, by expanding a poorly explored territory: student housing market. The Idea was born in 2007 when Siram group, thanks to its advanced knowledge in field of energetic efficiency, decided to create actual smart cities: interconnected, modern and above all, green and capable to produce energy in autonomous and clean way. In 2011, Rome, Bari and Chieti residences were inaugurated, with a total of 2700 bed places and numerous services: gyms, shared kitchen areas, studying rooms, meeting areas.

Humus Design has been chosen to handle all the communication tools, from brand identity to printed materials, including the internal way finding and a brand new online platform.


One of the primary necessity of CampusX was to align the communication of the three Campus (Rome, Bari, Chieti), setting a unique tone of voice: more contemporary and closer to the young audience, although being able to speak at their parents at the same time. In a few words, a dynamic brand identity, fitting for institutional tools (for example, the MICE brochure) as well as for the digital communication, which includes social channels and a new website.


The result is a high-impact brand identity with a digital approach, able to engage a younger audience and to introduce the Campus not only as a place to live in but as a place full of life and opportunities. Gradually, Humus Design has developed numerous communication tools: badges, stationery, welcome kit, way finding, poster and printed material for the students and potential new clients. In addition, we worked on an outdoor campaign and for the events CampusX took part.
Big part of the work was on the digital aspect, with a redefined strategy for the socials and a brand new website: a responsive and bilingual platform, through which it is possible to make reservations and to stay up to date on the latest activities of the Campus.