Brand Trotter.
A tailor-made brand identity.


Brand Trotter is an international fashion broker and consultancy agency. A bridge company that connects suppliers willing to find new clients and buyers that are looking for new fashion brands.  Its main purpose is to promote brands from Europe and Turkey and to help developing their sales network. Humus Design created a new brand identity in step with the brand’s values and objectives.


What distinguishes Brand Trotter from the other agencies is its remarkable presence in the oriental market, mainly in the turkish area. The will to create a bridge with the european market shows a flair for cultural contamination and this is clearer when you meet its heterogeneous team work.


The final logo represents two fundamental brand values: stylistic research and relationship and sharing skills. Brand Trotter is like a leading thread which different fashion companies can communicate through. Humus Design’s approach is minimal on purpose, in balance between two different culture as the oriental and the european ones are.