Fratelli Branca.
170 years are worth a toast.


Fratelli Branca is a historical Italian brand, originally founded in Italy in 1845 but famous today all over the world. It is a family-run business, creator of some of the most iconic Italian liqueurs such as Fernet and Brancamenta, which has been able to grow and renovate over the time always in compliance with its founding traditions. The company decided to celebrate its 170th anniversary with a book published by Rizzoli and edited in three languages: Italian, Spanish and English. Humus designed the book for Ergo Sum Agency.


An incredible amount of archive materials such as photos, advs and labels. A great story to tell and a great journey through almost two centuries of changes, innovations and discoveries.


Humus has developed illustrations and infographics, organizing the huge amount of contents, texts and images. A relevant space has been given to the historical print ads, although the whole book is well balanced between past and present. In addition to the corporate history, background and anecdotes (including instructions on how to properly drink Fernet) there is a small recipe book, designed and printed separately, containing the world most famous cocktails prepared with Branca liqueurs.