Bike Tour.
Riding towards a better future.


BikeTour is a stage race organized by Matteo Marzotto to make people aware of cystic fibrosis, one of the most dangerous genetic disease. In collaboration with the volunteers of FFC and with the support of the European Commission, BikeTour is now at its third edition, reaching many Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Bologna, Palermo and Cagliari. A successful event which allowed the foundation to raise funds and to sensitize the public opinion.

Humus Design has been chosen to realize a book which describes the first two edition of the BikeTour.

The project has been realized in collaboration with Ergo Sum Agency.


BikeTour is not just a stage race. It’s a mean through which it is possible to tell stories. This is the same approach Humus Design adopted in projecting the book: making those emotions live on the printed paper, talking about humanity even before sport.


Humus Design let the images speak. The book is a collection of photos, as they are frame of a movie the reader can slowly leaf through. But the book has also a lot of written contents. Interviews, in-depth analysis and aphorisms which mix to the story of an unique journey. The one towards a better future.