Audrey a Roma.
A Photographic Exhibition at Ara Pacis Rome


The  “Audrey a Roma” exhibit took place inside the Ara Pacis during 2011. It was thought to describe – through pictures, videos and personal objects – the three lives of the actress in the capital: movie star, mother and ambassadress. Audrey spent 25 years in Rome, sharing with the city and its people some crucial moments of her artistic career, like Roman Holiday, War and Peace and The Nun’s Story. But most important, Audrey lived in Rome like a citizen, not a tourist: with her dear ones, her loved ones and her dreams.


We wanted to bring the visitors into the same Rome which enchanted the actress, that city which convinced her to share her best years with its citizens. To tell her story not only through videos and personal objects but also through the trends of the middle century Rome.


After a in-depth historical research, we focused on the typographical styles of the years Audrey spent in Rome. Then we developed a narrative path capable to evolve in different graphic and linguistic styles, along with Audrey’s experience in the city, trying to make the visitors feel the same emotions of the actress during her 30 years in Rome.