Addiriyah Art Center.
An oasis of contemporary art.


The Addiriyah Art Center, currently under construction near the old capital of Saudi Arabia, is thought to be a structure strongly linked to the surrounding territory and it wants to be a symbol of rebirth in many ways: artistic, cultural and social. A place where contemporary artists can freely express and a melting pot for people from different cultures, with labs, accommodations and wide exhibition areas.

In partnership with Schiattarella Associati, Humus Design has developed a unique brand identity, focusing on Art Center’s values and Contemporary Arts’ peculiarities.


The architectural concept aims to merge the center to the environment, recalling its shapes and colors. It was very important for the clients, as well as the human side: the Art Center is first of all a place for people. Humus Design worked finding the right balance between humanity and nature, trying to achieve a sort of uniqueness which is a trait of art. We wanted to create a sort of Addiriyah Art Center’s signature, something distinctive.


Working on the shapes of the surrounding environment, we developed a sign which puts together humanity and nature and which is unique by definition: a fingerprint. A mark that talks about remembering our roots and, at the same time, about giving them new shapes and new meanings. Which is kind of what art does.
So, we develop numerous communication tools such as posters, bags, business cards and examples of way finding to show to the clients the potential of the new sign.