25 July 2014


Isba (The Institute for Children and Adolescents’ Health) has been founded by Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù to promote knowledge and educate families about their children and what’s best for them. Humus Design designed the ISBA website through which it is possible to have access to online surveys, receive news and updates about events and meetings.

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16 June 2014


Founded by leading figures of music, cinema and theatre, NuovoImaie manages and safeguards artists, interpreters and executors’ rights. The collaboration with Humus Design grows out of the need to develop a fresh and dynamic brand identity, in step with the Institute’s new objectives. Humus Design also took care of all the related offline instruments (brochures, flyers, business cards and much more) and, with the support of Medita, the Institute’s website was updated according to the current communication and usability standards.



08 May 2014


Fondazione Chirò was born in January 2013 in memory of the President of the Apulia Bank Felice Chirò and it represents the continuation and the development of all the activities the Bank has been conducting since 2003 in support of education and culture all over Italy. Fondazione Chirò asked Humus Design to design a brand identity in step with its story and action. A collaboration which continued with the development of a web site and the realization of several communication tools.


14 April 2014


During the 48th International Wines and Distillates Exhibition in Verona, Intini got one of the most prestigious award. Precisely, the “Gambero Rosso Best Company” award in the guidebook “Olive Oils of Italy 2014”, being the winner among 4000 reviewed companies. An award which proves the efforts Intini has made in perfecting the quality of its products. Humus Design is happy to congratulate the whole company, wishing there will be more of this recognitions in the next years.


11 February 2014

Rotary. A new voice.

Rotary International is an international association with offices all around the world. Humus Design has recently worked on the magazine for District 2080, which includes Lazio and Sardinia. In addition to the creation of a new headline, Humus has revised and updated the graphics and the internal format. The magazine is now in line with the recent Rotary communication tools and the international trade publications. A work that involved more people in the studio and that has already been well received by the audience.


23 January 2014

Le Chiancole. The unique cuisine of Puglia
lives in a new brand.

Coltivati, lavorati e confezionati nella Murgia Barese, i prodotti a marchio Le Chiancole sono stati pensati con l’obiettivo di diffondere in tutta Italia, e nel resto del mondo, il meglio della tradizione gastronomica pugliese. Da qui il nome “Le Chiancole”, capace di trasmettere in una sola parola l’unicità del territorio a cui fa riferimento. Humus Design ha lavorato sul brand, curandone sia l’identità visiva che verbale, e sul packaging, con un approccio grafico distintivo e originale. In basso, i primi esempi del lavoro svolto in questi ultimi mesi.


16 December 2013

Humus Design and Frizzo. The key ingredients of a success.

Humus Design gave a name and a form to a project that already a year ago had all the credentials to be a success. And so Frizzo was born, a new venue that finds its strength in a true culinary multiculturalism. The winning formula is simple: typical products of the Italian tradition are offered together with some of the most famous dishes of the international cuisine. Frizzo is a journey across Europe and the world you can take while comfortably sitting  in a setting inspired by international industrial style, few steps away from Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican. Humus Design took care of everything: brand identity, verbal identity, web design, interior decoration, app design and the development of several collateral instruments. A project that lasted almost a year and that involved the whole Humus team. Frizzo is new in town but it’s already on everyone’s lips.