16 December 2013

Humus Design and Frizzo. The key ingredients of a success.

Humus Design gave a name and a form to a project that already a year ago had all the credentials to be a success. And so Frizzo was born, a new venue that finds its strength in a true culinary multiculturalism. The winning formula is simple: typical products of the Italian tradition are offered together with some of the most famous dishes of the international cuisine. Frizzo is a journey across Europe and the world you can take while comfortably sitting  in a setting inspired by international industrial style, few steps away from Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican. Humus Design took care of everything: brand identity, verbal identity, web design, interior decoration, app design and the development of several collateral instruments. A project that lasted almost a year and that involved the whole Humus team. Frizzo is new in town but it’s already on everyone’s lips.